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PlanningWebsite planning is a often neglected step; however, it is the most important step in building a website. This is the process we use to learn about your business, your potential customers, the subjects of interest and possible methods to drive your future clients/customers to your website.


DesignYour website images speak volumes about who you are. That is why the design should not only be visual appealing, it should reflect your business. Your design should also be tasteful & simple so your visitors can find the information they need at first glance. With your input, First Web will build 3 design drafts which will meet the above requirements.


DevelopmentAfter you will chose one of the design drafts, we will go to the next phase: Website Development. This is when the design will come to life and turn into a functional website - an expandable entity with content and pages.


HostingSomeone has to host your website or it can't be found when the visitor types in your domain name. A website is usually a colection of files that are linked together in an intuitive manner. They need to stored on a computer that is never turned off, and it has a flowless internet connection. We offer this service on our own servers.

Web Marketing

MarketingBy simply going online with a website, success is not ensured. The website has to be promoted and marketed to your target audience and the search engines. Frecol Computer Consultants offers provisionsw hich will ensure respectable rankings and traffic.